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This Christmas, wish for a miracle to happen and follow your dreams across Europe and Africa to the very Holy Land. Join us on this unique festive journey as you spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in Israel, the birthplace of Jesus Christ. Stories and traditions come to life like nowhere else in the world. Before living this magical experience, you will have the opportunity to marvel at the pyramids of Cairo, explore the ancient kingdom of Curio and discover the wonderful treasures of the Greek islands. Live unique moments and emotions on board during your most special Christmas. Do not pass up this opportunity.

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Athens | Thessaloniki | Izmir | Crete | Antalya | Limassol | Alexandria | haifa | Athens


Day 1: Athens (Greece)

This lively and modern metropolis is also one of the oldest cities in the world. Its intriguing combination of ancient and contemporary architecture reflects the perfect balance and harmony of the city. Discover the city and let yourself be carried away by the atmosphere of the port before embarking on our exciting adventure.

Day 2: Thessaloniki (Greece)

We will follow in the footsteps of Saint Paul, Europe’s second missionary, past the imposing Byzantine walls that protect the sophisticated port city of Thessaloniki. He’ll love exploring the city’s captivating architecture and winding cobblestone streets, as well as the beautiful setting of the biblical city of Berroia, known today as Veria.

Day 3: Izmir (Türkiye)

We will arrive at the crystal clear bay of Izmir to observe the lively city with its unmistakable Turkish skyline. The rich heritage of multicultural influences of Izmir, pearl of the Aegean, invites you to enjoy its gastronomy and its people. Even in winter, its relaxed and cheerful atmosphere will make you feel like you are in eternal summer.

Day 4: Crete (Agios)

Following the beautiful Cretan coast to the east of Heraklion, we find the dynamic tourist cities of Chersonesus and Malia, as well as Agios Nikolaos, capital of the Lasithi region. Named after Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of Greek sailors, this charming town faces the wide blue bay of Mirabello. Legend has it that the goddess Athena bathed in the circular lake Voulismeni, a symbol that connects the city with the sea.

Day 5: Antalya (Türkiye)

This will be a very special stop on our Christmas cruise, as we will stop just 100 miles from the birthplace of Saint Nicholas, the original Santa Claus. Here in Antalya, you can walk in the footsteps of a Roman emperor at Hadrian’s Gate and discover Ottoman-era houses and gardens in the ancient city of Kaleici. You will also be able to learn more about Kemal Ataturk, the founder of Turkey, by visiting the impressive monument of him in Republic Square.

Day 6: Limassol (Cyprus)

Bustling Limassol is the cultural and tourist center of Cyprus. Its streets are lined with colorful cafes, bars and restaurants. Complementing its modern charms, this lively city is also home to the historic Limassol Castle and the vast collection of ancient treasures on display at the Cyprus Medieval Museum. Discover the archaeological site of Paphos, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and learn about the legend of Aphrodite’s Rock.

Day 7-8: Alexandria (Egypt)

Well known for its emblematic legends and mysteries, it is undoubtedly one of the most wonderful cities in history. Alexandria was founded by Alexander the Great and became the capital of the Ptolemaic dynasty. All kinds of personalities passed through it, from Cleopatra to Napoleon. With a full day to explore the city, we’re sure you’ll fall in love with the ‘Bride of the Mediterranean’.

Day 9-10: Haifa (Israel)

Our Christmas story will take us along the same path that the three Wise Men took on their journey to Bethlehem, in Palestine. The city of Haifa, Israel, will be our destination on Christmas Eve and Christmas, and will allow us to relive the most important moments of the birth of Jesus. Walk the streets of the city and admire its combination of modernity and ancient cultures.

Day 11:

The sailing day gives you the opportunity to discover all the ship’s services, enjoy the activities on board and taste the delicious cuisine of our chef. Relax in the sun while you cool off with free drinks from our bar. If you prefer, you can also participate in craft, language, traditional dance, games or sports classes. You won’t have time to get bored!

Day 12: Athens (Greece)

When we arrive back in Athens, you will be able to enjoy the Greek hospitality and choose how you want to spend your day. Will you visit the legendary and historical monuments? Will you see the city skyline from the Acropolis? Or maybe you want to buy gifts to bring a little piece of your trip to your loved ones? You choose. We are looking forward to showing you our hometown.

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